Dreamy Folk

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Dreamy Folk BM152

Gently uplifting organic instrumentals featuring acoustic guitar and vocal textures.

Brilliant Music BM152

  • 001Crisp Winter AirMain2:20
  • 002Falling StarsMain2:19
  • 003Celestial VisionsMain3:02
  • 004Fantasy WildernessMain2:38
  • 005Floating Down The RiverMain2:35
  • 006Soaring Over MountainsMain1:49
  • 007Hazy Morning SunriseMain2:39
  • 008Spectacular HorizonsMain3:21
  • 009Light As AirMain2:26
  • 010Wispy CloudsMain2:05
  • 011Crisp Winter AirUnderscore2:20
  • 012Falling StarsUnderscore2:19
  • 013Celestial VisionsUnderscore3:02
  • 014Fantasy WildernessUnderscore2:38
  • 015Floating Down The RiverUnderscore2:35
  • 016Soaring Over MountainsUnderscore1:49
  • 017Hazy Morning SunriseUnderscore2:39
  • 018Spectacular HorizonsUnderscore3:21
  • 019Light As AirUnderscore2:26
  • 020Wispy CloudsUnderscore2:05




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