Christmas Piano Lounge

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Christmas Piano Lounge BM148

Smooth and sophisticated solo piano versions of classic Christmas carols.

Brilliant Music BM148

  • 001All Is CalmMain3:16
  • 002Joy For AllMain2:05
  • 003My True LoveMain4:53
  • 004Come And Make MerryMain2:04
  • 005Cool YuleMain3:33
  • 006Holiest Of NightsMain1:44
  • 007Christmas WishesMain1:34
  • 008Cosy ChristmasMain2:18
  • 009Elegant EpiphanyMain3:26
  • 010All Is Calm30 Second Version0:30
  • 011Joy For All30 Second Version0:30
  • 012My True Love30 Second Version0:30
  • 013Come And Make Merry30 Second Version0:30
  • 014Cool Yule30 Second Version0:30
  • 015Holiest Of Nights30 Second Version0:30
  • 016Christmas Wishes30 Second Version0:30
  • 017Cosy Christmas30 Second Version A0:30
  • 018Cosy Christmas30 Second Version B0:30
  • 019Elegant Epiphany30 Second Version0:30




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