Quirky World

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Quirky World BM142

An upbeat and offbeat collection of world music instrumentals featuring clarinet and accordion.

Brilliant Music BM142

  • 001Frisky GypsyMain2:56
  • 002Little JerusalemMain2:53
  • 003Out For A StrollMain2:54
  • 004Kinetic KlezmerMain2:37
  • 005Brazilian Street PartyMain2:38
  • 006Vintage CoolMain2:59
  • 007Hustle And BustleMain2:48
  • 008Tango AppassionataMain3:15
  • 009Quirky WaltzMain2:50
  • 010Tango MangoMain3:07
  • 011Frisky GypsyUnderscore2:56
  • 012Little JerusalemUnderscore2:53
  • 013Out For A StrollUnderscore2:53
  • 014Kinetic KlezmerUnderscore2:37
  • 015Brazilian Street PartyUnderscore2:38
  • 016Vintage CoolUnderscore2:59
  • 017Hustle And BustleUnderscore2:48




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