Indie Folk

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Indie Folk BM133

Warm, earthy, gently uplifting indie-folk tracks

Brilliant Music BM133

  • 001HomeboundMain2:44
  • 002Something DeeperMain2:39
  • 003Winter SunsetMain3:31
  • 004Organic LifeMain3:52
  • 005Memories Of The PastMain2:23
  • 006Against The GrainMain1:57
  • 007StargazeMain2:06
  • 008Long Walk HomeMain2:36
  • 009I Forgot To SayMain2:51
  • 010Lighten The LoadMain2:59
  • 011HomeboundUnderscore2:43
  • 012Something DeeperUnderscore2:38
  • 013Winter SunsetUnderscore3:29
  • 014Organic LifeUnderscore3:52
  • 015Memories Of The PastUnderscore2:23
  • 016Against The GrainUnderscore1:57
  • 017StargazeUnderscore2:05
  • 018Long Walk HomeUnderscore2:36
  • 019I Forgot To SayUnderscore2:51
  • 020Lighten The LoadUnderscore2:59




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