Cinematic Guitars

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Cinematic Guitars BM117

Expansive atmospheric underscores featuring electric guitar.

Brilliant Music BM117

  • 001Broken HeartedMain1:46
  • 002Falling AwayMain1:47
  • 003Sad RealityMain2:00
  • 004Touch My SoulMain1:45
  • 005Frozen In TimeMain1:58
  • 006All Is CalmMain1:34
  • 007Take Me With YouMain1:38
  • 008SoulmatesMain1:48
  • 009Follow Your DreamMain1:32
  • 010Gone TomorrowMain2:03
  • 011Broken HeartedUnderscore1:46
  • 012Falling AwayUnderscore1:47
  • 013Sad RealityUnderscore2:00
  • 014Touch My SoulUnderscore1:45
  • 015Frozen In TimeUnderscore1:58
  • 016All Is CalmUnderscore1:34
  • 017Take Me With YouUnderscore1:37
  • 018SoulmatesUnderscore1:48
  • 019Follow Your DreamUnderscore1:32
  • 020Gone TomorrowUnderscore2:03




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