Ambient Fantasy

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Ambient Fantasy BM116

Wondrous ambient instrumentals infused with elements of classical and folk.

Brilliant Music BM116

  • 001Mists Of EternityMain2:06
  • 002Serene AscensionMain3:06
  • 003A New Day DawnsMain3:21
  • 004Journey Through The LightMain2:53
  • 005MonumentsMain1:44
  • 006Sense Of WonderMain1:55
  • 007Winter PalaceMain3:04
  • 008Celestial VoiceMain3:12
  • 009Ancient WonderMain2:17
  • 010Majestic GrandeurMain2:05
  • 011Dream SequenceMain2:04
  • 012Mists Of EternityUnderscore2:01
  • 013Serene AscensionUnderscore3:06
  • 014A New Day DawnsUnderscore3:20
  • 015Journey Through The LightUnderscore2:52
  • 016Sense Of WonderUnderscore1:54
  • 017Winter PalaceUnderscore3:02
  • 018Celestial VoiceUnderscore3:12
  • 019Ancient WonderUnderscore2:18
  • 020Majestic GrandeurUnderscore2:05
  • 021Dream SequenceUnderscore2:03




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