Christmas Carols - Flute & Piano

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Christmas Carols - Flute & Piano BM112

Traditional Christmas carols arranged for flute and piano.

Brilliant Music BM112

  • 001Sleigh RideMain1:18
  • 002Decorating The TreeMain1:51
  • 003Noel NoelMain2:30
  • 004Resounding JoyMain1:14
  • 005Christmas In Middle EnglandMain1:59
  • 006Still Of The NightMain2:37
  • 007Good TidingsMain0:46
  • 008Feast Of StephenMain1:06
  • 009Asleep In The HayMain1:44
  • 010Boughs Of HollyMain0:56
  • 011Christmas HymnMain1:15
  • 012Still Of The Night Low FluteMain1:56
  • 013Sleigh Ride30 second version0:30
  • 014Decorating The Tree30 second version0:30
  • 015Noel Noel30 second version0:30
  • 016Resounding Joy30 second version0:30
  • 017Christmas In Middle England30 second version0:30
  • 018Still Of The Night30 second version0:30
  • 019Good Tidings30 second version0:30
  • 020Feast Of Stephen30 second version0:30
  • 021Asleep In The Hay30 second version0:30
  • 022Halls30 second version0:30
  • 023Christmas Hymn30 second version0:30
  • 024Still Of The Night Low Flute30 second version0:30




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