Upfront Bass

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Upfront Bass BM110

Promo friendly quirky instrumentals featuring upright bass.

Brilliant Music BM110

  • 001Bass JumpMain1:02
  • 002RamblingMain1:04
  • 003Cock-A-HoopMain1:02
  • 004BounceMain1:00
  • 005Sugar And LimeMain1:08
  • 006The AmbassadorMain1:05
  • 007Cactus BlueMain1:25
  • 008TumbassMain1:02
  • 009Bass RunnerMain1:01
  • 010Bass JumpUnderscore1:03
  • 011RamblingUnderscore1:04
  • 012Cock-A-HoopUnderscore1:02
  • 013BounceUnderscore0:59
  • 014Sugar And LimeUnderscore1:07
  • 015The AmbassadorUnderscore1:05
  • 016Cactus BlueUnderscore1:23
  • 017TumbassUnderscore1:02
  • 018Bass RunnerUnderscore1:01
  • 019Bass Jump30 second version0:30
  • 020Rambling30 second version0:30
  • 021Cock-A-Hoop30 second version0:30
  • 022Bounce30 second version0:30
  • 023Sugar And Lime30 second version0:30
  • 024The Ambassador30 second version0:30
  • 025Cactus Blue30 second version0:30
  • 026Tumbass30 second version0:30
  • 027Bass Runner30 second version0:30
  • 028Bass Jump30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 029Rambling30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 030Cock-A-Hoop30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 031Bounce30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 032Sugar And Lime30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 033The Ambassador30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 034Cactus Blue30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 035Tumbass30 Second Underscore0:30
  • 036Bass Runner30 Second Underscore0:30




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