Drama Tension Beds

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Drama Tension Beds BM103

Contemporary drama underscores with sound design elements.

Brilliant Music BM103

  • 001DilemmaMain2:52
  • 002TimeMain2:32
  • 003Data ProcessingMain3:02
  • 004Murky PastMain2:48
  • 005Aftermath OneMain2:51
  • 006Cold SweatMain2:45
  • 007Night StalkerMain2:55
  • 008Subterranean LairMain2:46
  • 009On EdgeMain2:24
  • 010Freedom FighterMain2:43
  • 011Body CountMain2:28
  • 012Ritual FireMain1:55
  • 013ClaustrophobiaMain2:27
  • 014Racing TimeMain2:42
  • 015Closing InMain2:24
  • 016Hazy RecollectionMain2:56
  • 017Joining The DotsMain2:46
  • 018Introspective ExplorationMain2:33
  • 019FlusteredMain2:27
  • 020It Could Have Been AvoidedMain2:24
  • 021Under SurveillanceMain2:35
  • 022Lying In WaitMain2:38
  • 023The Flow Of TimeMain2:40
  • 024Terror PlotMain2:41




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