Nu Funk

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Nu Funk BM099

Contemporary funk tracks featuring male and female vocals.

Brilliant Music BM099

  • 001We Got SoulMain3:23
  • 002StruttinMain2:07
  • 003Sexy GirlMain2:31
  • 004DollazMain2:03
  • 005Funky Sax DreamsMain2:20
  • 006Check It OutMain2:04
  • 007Flower PowerMain2:10
  • 008Running ManMain2:30
  • 009Ride Wid ItMain2:17
  • 010Farewell Goodbye GoMain4:00
  • 011We Got SoulInstrumental4:08
  • 012Sexy GirlInstrumental3:22
  • 013Golden LadyMain2:31
  • 014DollazNo Scratches2:05
  • 015DollazInstrumental2:04
  • 016Flower PowerInstrumental2:10
  • 017Running ManInstrumental2:29
  • 018Ride Wid ItNo Skit2:17
  • 019Ride Wid ItInstrumental2:16
  • 020Farewell GoodbyeInstrumental4:00
  • 021Golden LadyInstrumental4:05




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