Emotive Drama

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Emotive Drama BM095

Poignant and reflective drama cues.

Brilliant Music BM095

  • 001The Love I FearMain2:13
  • 002Gone ForeverMain2:16
  • 003Dark Secret RevealedMain2:32
  • 004Dreamlike StateMain2:19
  • 005Dark PresenceMain2:20
  • 006Walking FreeMain2:32
  • 007Secret LettersMain2:29
  • 008Dead SpaceMain2:33
  • 009Time To Move OnMain2:13
  • 010AbsorbedMain2:04
  • 011I Can Hear YouMain2:45
  • 012Nobody WinsMain2:26
  • 013SearchlightsMain3:16
  • 014No RegretsMain2:23
  • 015Lonely At LastMain3:05
  • 016Stark RealityMain1:11
  • 017I Can Hear YouUnderscore2:45




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