Atmospheric Anthems

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Atmospheric Anthems BM087

Emotive solo piano arrangements of national anthems.

Brilliant Music BM087

  • 001Das DeutschlandliedInstrumental0:57
  • 002Das Deutschlandlied ReflectiveInstrumental1:08
  • 003God Save the QueenInstrumental0:39
  • 004God Save the Queen FunerealInstrumental1:04
  • 005Hen Wlad Fy NhadauInstrumental2:08
  • 006Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau ReflectiveInstrumental1:20
  • 007La MarseillaiseInstrumental1:56
  • 008La Marseillaise FunerealInstrumental2:19
  • 009La Marseillaise ReflectiveInstrumental1:39
  • 010Ode To JoyInstrumental1:35
  • 011Ode To Joy ReflectiveInstrumental1:53
  • 012Star Spangled Banner ReflectiveInstrumental1:27




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