Folk Tunes of the British Isles

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Folk Tunes of the British Isles BM086

Traditional folk tunes arranged for solo piano

Brilliant Music BM086

  • 001All Through The NightInstrumental1:22
  • 002Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young CharmsInstrumental1:37
  • 003Bluebells Of ScotlandInstrumental1:15
  • 004Bluebells Of Scotland DelicateInstrumental0:37
  • 005Blow The Wind SoutherlyInstrumental1:16
  • 006Danny BoyInstrumental2:20
  • 007Danny Boy DelicateInstrumental1:10
  • 008Down By The Salley GardensInstrumental1:29
  • 009Early One MorningInstrumental0:55
  • 010Early One Morning DelicateInstrumental0:40
  • 011Eriskay Love LiltInstrumental1:11
  • 012Lavender BlueInstrumental1:32
  • 013Loch LomondInstrumental0:48
  • 014Men Of HarlechInstrumental1:19
  • 015Mountains Of MourneInstrumental1:22
  • 016Scotland The BraveInstrumental1:21
  • 017Scotland The Brave ReflectiveInstrumental0:57
  • 018Skye Boat SongInstrumental2:25
  • 019The Ash GroveInstrumental1:41
  • 020The Green BushesInstrumental1:15
  • 021The Keel RowInstrumental1:05




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