Classic House

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Classic House BM084

Vintage House Grooves

Brilliant Music BM084

  • 001Make It HappenMain3:04
  • 002TogetherMain3:33
  • 003Escape From New YorkMain3:51
  • 004RadianceMain3:35
  • 005Higher Than The SunMain3:55
  • 006Inside OutMain3:10
  • 007NFDMain3:39
  • 008Midnight ManoeuvresMain3:36
  • 009We Can Make ItMain4:17
  • 010Open Your EyesMain2:41
  • 011ResonateMain3:40
  • 012Make It HappenInstrumental2:48
  • 013TogetherInstrumental3:03
  • 014Higher Than The SunInstrumental3:55
  • 015Open Your EyesInstrumental2:41




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