Native American Traditions

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Native American Traditions BM059

Authentic Native American music.

Brilliant Music BM059

  • 001Black MountainsFull2:27
  • 002Black Mountains Drumsalternative version2:27
  • 003Echo FluteFull2:32
  • 004Earth SongFull1:49
  • 005Earth Song Instrumentalinstrumental1:49
  • 006Moment Of PeaceFull1:02
  • 007Spirit ChaserFull1:47
  • 008Spirit Chaser Drumsalternative version1:46
  • 009Sacred GroundFull2:13
  • 010Sacred Ground Drumsalternative version2:00
  • 011TomahawkFull2:08
  • 012DreamcatcherFull1:42
  • 013Ceremonial DanceFull2:09
  • 014Distant CallFull2:25
  • 015Distant Call Drumsalternative version2:23
  • 016War DrumsFull2:22
  • 017Two WindsFull2:10
  • 018Canyon SongFull2:00




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