Jazz Piano Trio

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Jazz Piano Trio BM056

Light Jazz and Cocktail piano accompanied by upright bass and drums.

Brilliant Music BM056

  • 001Jazz ZoneFull3:07
  • 002The BossFull4:02
  • 003Soft On The InsideFull3:39
  • 004Dim The LightsFull3:31
  • 005Five FourFull2:49
  • 006Push The BeatFull2:34
  • 007Into The BlueFull4:51
  • 008Cocktail PartyFull3:12
  • 009The Late SetFull2:32
  • 010Quiet ReflectionFull3:10
  • 011On Frith StreetFull2:56
  • 012Something LightFull2:37
  • 013Piano BarFull2:26
  • 014Still WarmFull2:01
  • 015Velvet TouchFull2:18




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