Soundtrack to the Andes

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Soundtrack to the Andes BM055

Traditional and contemporary Andean music.

Brilliant Music BM055

  • 001ObleasFull2:50
  • 002La JaranaFull2:47
  • 003Las AlturasFull2:34
  • 004AltiplanoFull2:09
  • 005Altiplano UnderscoreUnderscore2:09
  • 006Spirit of the AndesFull3:37
  • 007Taki TakiFull2:52
  • 008ChanitaFull2:07
  • 009La CuyitaFull2:29
  • 010ChacareroFull2:48
  • 011Vientos SerenosFull1:57
  • 012Cholita LindaFull2:00
  • 013Lamento AndinoFull2:50
  • 014SikuriFull2:43
  • 015PilgrimsFull3:10
  • 016AscensionFull3:09




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