Latin American Guitar

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Latin American Guitar BM049

A fine selection of instrumental guitar pieces from Latin America.

Brilliant Music BM049

  • 001El CandombeFull2:11
  • 003Vals CriolloFull2:11
  • 004El NinoFull1:59
  • 005Aire De MarineraFull2:46
  • 006El PalenkeFull2:01
  • 008La ChilenitaFull2:10
  • 009Huayno AndinoFull1:57
  • 010Huayno Andino Soloalternative version1:58
  • 011El TonderoFull2:00
  • 012El RemolinoFull2:34
  • 013Don SixtoFull1:51
  • 014High SocietyFull1:37
  • 014Taste Of TangoFull2:16
  • 014TangazoFull2:19




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