Alternative Blues

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Alternative Blues BM038

An alternative and irreverent approach to the blues genre featuring acoustic and cranked electric guitar.

Brilliant Music BM038

  • 001Grease GunFull1:53
  • 002Blunderbuss BoogieFull1:31
  • 003SpiritualFull2:00
  • 004Ketamin BluesFull2:02
  • 005Are We RollingFull1:34
  • 006Aardvark BluesFull1:50
  • 007Chi TownFull1:54
  • 008Devil's BoogieFull1:33
  • 009Mining TownFull1:41
  • 010Saucy MinxFull2:09
  • 011Bayou BluesFull1:40
  • 012TroubletoneFull1:53
  • 013Hook EastFull2:43
  • 014Rock SixFull2:10
  • 015Kay SlideFull2:59
  • 016Gutter ReelFull1:50
  • 017Rio HondoFull1:48




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