Mento - Jamaican Folk

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Mento - Jamaican Folk BM035

Uplifting and relaxing Jamaican folk music from the 1950's.

Brilliant Music BM035

  • 001Island SunFull1:30
  • 002Doctor SkaFull1:04
  • 003Sugar CaneFull1:34
  • 004Rum PunchFull1:51
  • 005Two StrokeFull1:21
  • 006Pirate CayFull1:52
  • 007Lion FishFull2:05
  • 008Jamaican SunsetFull1:59
  • 009Sunshine CoastFull1:01
  • 010Island BreezeFull1:52
  • 011Creole DanceFull1:29




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