Acoustic Roots - Latin America

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Acoustic Roots - Latin America BM005

Spicy, passionate and soothing instrumental guitar music from Latin America.

Brilliant Music BM005

  • 001Aire De ZambaFull1:14
  • 002El CondorFull1:06
  • 003La PampaFull2:10
  • 004Sip Of SangriaFull1:48
  • 005Vino TintoFull1:06
  • 006Santiago SerenadeFull2:22
  • 007AngelicaFull1:59
  • 008Tacos Con TequilaFull1:55
  • 009Il CaminoFull1:52
  • 010HuamangaFull2:09
  • 011Full BodiedFull1:09
  • 012SombreroFull1:35
  • 013Mi AmorFull2:06
  • 014Under The StarsFull1:26
  • 015Pink LadyFull1:33
  • 016AlpacasFull2:09
  • 017Spirit Of Santa RosaFull1:12
  • 018Travel SouthFull1:25




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