Acoustic Roots - North America

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Acoustic Roots - North America BM004

Acoustic Country Blues guitar, rootsy Americana at its finest.

Brilliant Music BM004

  • 001Biloxi BluesFull1:42
  • 002Beach BoogieFull1:54
  • 003Dry RiverFull1:30
  • 004Bluebell LullabyFull1:36
  • 005Banjo CreekFull1:40
  • 006Crawfish BoilFull1:45
  • 007Crock Pot GumboFull1:38
  • 008Hot RainFull1:26
  • 009Setting OutFull1:49
  • 010Lookout MountainFull1:43
  • 011Before The StormFull1:44
  • 012Hobo ShuffleFull1:46
  • 013Muskrat ScrambleFull1:21
  • 014Sharp SuitFull1:58
  • 015One FourFull1:43
  • 016Breezin'Full1:37
  • 017Like ClockworkFull1:10
  • 018Holly Springs HopFull1:29
  • 019Reel GoneFull2:18
  • 020Dobro DawnFull2:02
  • 021Ripe And ReadyFull1:54
  • 02257' StepsideFull1:41
  • 023Plantation BluesFull1:37




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