New Releases

  1. Planet Organic

    Cover - Planet Organic
    March 2017

    An eclectic mix of organic tracks, from bright and fun to airy and ambient.

  2. Instapop 2 - Vocal Pop

    Cover - Instapop 2 - Vocal Pop
    March 2017

    Contemporary pop vocal album, bright and breezy but with teen angst and heartache aplenty. Also an instrumental version for each track.

  3. Light Electronica

    Cover - Light Electronica
    March 2017

    Electro smart, from luxury to beach parties with a hint of French Touch.

  4. 90's House Revival

    Cover - 90's House Revival
    March 2017

    A 90's house revival album made up of bright, punchy dance beats.

  5. Tonal Synchronicity

    Cover - Tonal Synchronicity
    March 2017

    Tonal Synchronicity gives you the tools to add atmosphere and rhythm to your productions. Delicate compositions, mixed out in various stems for optimal flexibility. For the best result to obtain flow and subtle emotion just add visuals.

  6. Life Stories

    Cover - Life Stories
    March 2017

    A collection of emotive Indie Vocal Pop with an anthemic dreamy quality. An album that conjures a range of emotion, perfect for productions with real feeling. Also an instrumental version for each track.

  7. Indietronica Vol. 2

    Cover - Indietronica Vol. 2
    March 2017

    Analogue synths, live guitar and steady beats. These tracks are an amazing mix of vintage gear and modern style production.

  8. California Cool

    Cover - California Cool
    March 2017

    Sax retro jazz & easy listening.

  9. This City

    Cover - This City
    March 2017

    A compilation of tracks encompassing the different feels of a city. From busy commuter stations to green spaces - each track offers a different insight to the pockets of a city.

  10. Camp Retro

    Cover - Camp Retro
    March 2017

    Camp is being defined as popularity plus vulgarity plus innocence. And retro as looking like or relating to styles or fashions from the past.Camp Retro captures those definitions and injected some steroids. We just can’t help ourselves wanting to be more popular, vulgar, innocent and fashionable at the same time then everybody else.

  11. InstaPop - Female Pop

    Cover - InstaPop - Female Pop
    February 2017

    Subtle and sexy female vocal pop, melodrama and kitsch by the bucketload. Insta pop for the Insta generation. A mix of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera! Also an instrumental version for each track.

  12. The Quirk Factor

    Cover - The Quirk Factor
    February 2017

    Tracks with a modern upbeat, at times humorous and witty, at times earnest. Children,reports, research, industrial.

  13. Fractured Folk

    Cover - Fractured Folk
    February 2017

    A mix of mostly unplugged Folk, sometimes refined with modern sounds which will amaze you . Documentary, Folk, nostalgia.

  14. Anthemic Sports

    Cover - Anthemic Sports
    February 2017

    Run with us on the fast lane! Aerobic, gymnastics, sports, documentary, report.

  15. Blues Journey

    Cover - Blues Journey
    February 2017

    Grand stylistics in all their variety in Ry Cooder-Style.

  16. Dramatic Strings

    Cover - Dramatic Strings
    February 2017

    A collection of expressive orchestral strings, ranging from tense to melancholic and from wistful to enlightening. Film Score, Nature, Landscapes.

  17. Documentary Vol. 2

    Cover - Documentary Vol. 2
    February 2017

    You know how to present facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter. Because that's how you make a great documentary. Allow your viewers to be open minded about those facts and let them do the thinking. Stop worrying about the music. We've got your back, your score is already here.

  18. Scattered Beats

    Cover - Scattered Beats
    February 2017

    Caution! This new Album produced by Encore Merci will cover you with darkness. Psycho, Crime, Danger, Electro. This will give you a chill.

  19. Very Deep House

    Cover - Very Deep House
    February 2017

    You don’t want to dance? This will change now! With cool sounds and moving beats we are about to paint the town red. Advertising, Fashion, Club, Funky.

  20. Top Of The World

    Cover - Top Of The World
    February 2017

    There’s a feeling coming over you that’s unstoppable. You pinch your arm cause you think you’re dreaming. You’re not. You are actually there. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the breeze. It’s not every day that you are On Top Of The World. And now you can create that ultimate feeling with each one of these tracks. Ain’t life wonderful?


  • Im Blickpunkt: Martin Grassl

    Martin Grassl war nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München unter anderem als Arrangeur und Komponist im Bereich Popmusik tätig, etwa für Fancy, Al Bano & Romina Power und G. G. Anderson.

    Im Mittelpunkt seiner Arbeit steht die Filmmusik. Seit 1986 schrieb er Filmscores für diverse TV-Dokumentationen und Fernsehserien, darunter hunderte Folgen „SOKO Kitzbühel“, „Marienhof“ und mehrere „Tatorte“. Die Komposition für Film und Fernsehen verbindet uns seit vielen Jahren mit Martin Grassl. Die neueste Produktion "Pure Nature" hören Sie hier.

    Daneben steht Grassls Arbeit als Pädagoge. Er lehrte an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München und leitet seit vielen Jahren die musikalische Arbeit an einem Münchener Gymnasium. In diese Richtung zielen auch seine Kompositionen "Pictures in Motion" und "A Day in the Mountains". Sie sollen junge Musiker in die Welt der Filmmusik einführen und zum aktiven Musizieren animieren, in variabler Besetzung und bei machbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

    Die beiden Notenausgaben und weitere Werke von Martin Grassl finden Sie hier. Noch mehr Informationen finden Sie auf seiner Website.