New Releases

  1. Beach Club

    Cover - Beach Club
    August 2017

    Bringing you house tracks for relaxed poolside chilling and funky sunset beats.

  2. Grandeur

    Cover - Grandeur
    August 2017

    Grandeur is one of a kind. An impressive and dignified musical collection of stately splendour, grace and excellence. This illustrious album distinguishes itself from the rest.

  3. Suspended Particles

    Cover - Suspended Particles
    August 2017

    Investigation meets science and supernatural.

  4. Anxious Attraction

    Cover - Anxious Attraction
    August 2017

    Electro drama beds and underscores.

  5. Crime & Investigation Vol. 2

    Cover - Crime & Investigation Vol. 2
    July 2017

    Blinq is really killing it this time. We return to the scene of the crime with Crime & Investigation Volume 2. Again we offer up another great set of musical mystery solving pieces for you to feast on. Go dissect and ponder the criminal mind.

  6. Sticky Kids

    Cover - Sticky Kids
    June 2017

    Life through the eyes of a child. Kids love to explore with their minds, hands and mouths; getting disgustingly dirty, eating bazar stuff and experiencing life like only sticky kids know how. It’s comical, it’s hilarious and sometimes gross, and as adults its utterly intriguing to watch these encounters. Blinq has musically captured, and brought to life, these wonderfully strange behaviors.

  7. Panoramic Perspective

    Cover - Panoramic Perspective
    June 2017

    These tracks allow you to believe you can fly. Use them to elevate your story and offer a bird’s eye view of the world. Thoughtful yet positive, just immerse yourself in the grandest panoramic perspectives you’ve ever seen.

  8. OneTakers

    Cover - OneTakers
    June 2017

    What you hear is what you get. This is blinq’s piece de resistance. A declaration of our love for music. We took 7 musicians, locked them up in a studio that breathes rock & roll for two days, and did the unthinkable. One Band, One Take.

  9. Alma Latina

    Cover - Alma Latina
    June 2017

    Acoustic latin moods with harp, guitar and violin.

  10. Delicate Emotion

    Cover - Delicate Emotion
    June 2017

    This beautiful mix of acoustic guitar sounds and male vocals will light up your day.

  11. Legends

    Cover - Legends
    June 2017

    Grand, epic and thrilling. An album of lush, modern film score featuring a full live-orchestra.

  12. Phantasm

    Cover - Phantasm
    May 2017

    The tracks on this album may result in experiencing illusions known as Phantasms. The steady beats will guide you towards the light and ensure your audience stays captivated.

  13. Arthouse Beats Vol. 2

    Cover - Arthouse Beats Vol. 2
    May 2017

    What can we say? After the release of the first album of Arthouse Beats you told us you wanted more. Stylish beats with crisp and clear melodies that fit almost any production.

  14. House Of Dreams

    Cover - House Of Dreams
    March 2017

    A beautiful collection of contemporary, mainly piano and guitar played, themes.

  15. IndieSonic

    Cover - IndieSonic
    March 2017

    Indiesonic offers handmade indie music with everything that goes with it. Sometimes it invites you to dance, sometimes it is dreamy, but all the tracks exude optimism through a sound that pushes things forward!

  16. Cinematic Piano

    Cover - Cinematic Piano
    March 2017

    Expressive piano music with string accompaniment and percussions. Dramatic, dreamy, but always moving. From sad to impulsive. Ideal for dramas and documentaries.

  17. Somersault

    Cover - Somersault
    March 2017

    With folky guitars and driving drums, Somersault gives you a good mood and a real summer feeling. The perfect background for a sunny day in nature.

  18. Deep Electro

    Cover - Deep Electro
    March 2017

    Electro and house beats from deep to funky. Urban life meets synthetic sounds. Perfect for city, technology and fashion.

  19. Pop, Drum & Bass

    Cover - Pop, Drum & Bass
    March 2017

    Pop Drum & Bass lives up to its name: light, trendy drum'n'bass with a catchy brass section and modern vocals. Summery, urban and sporty at the same time.

  20. Sinister

    Cover - Sinister
    March 2017

    When you need to create an extra layer of nail biting suspense to your visuals this is the album to turn to. Subtly used these compositions can scare the living day lights out of your viewers. Disclaimer: Usage of this blinq album may cause excess perspiration.


  • Im Blickpunkt: Martin Grassl

    Martin Grassl war nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München unter anderem als Arrangeur und Komponist im Bereich Popmusik tätig, etwa für Fancy, Al Bano & Romina Power und G. G. Anderson.

    Im Mittelpunkt seiner Arbeit steht die Filmmusik. Seit 1986 schrieb er Filmscores für diverse TV-Dokumentationen und Fernsehserien, darunter hunderte Folgen „SOKO Kitzbühel“, „Marienhof“ und mehrere „Tatorte“. Die Komposition für Film und Fernsehen verbindet uns seit vielen Jahren mit Martin Grassl. Die neueste Produktion "Pure Nature" hören Sie hier.

    Daneben steht Grassls Arbeit als Pädagoge. Er lehrte an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München und leitet seit vielen Jahren die musikalische Arbeit an einem Münchener Gymnasium. In diese Richtung zielen auch seine Kompositionen "Pictures in Motion" und "A Day in the Mountains". Sie sollen junge Musiker in die Welt der Filmmusik einführen und zum aktiven Musizieren animieren, in variabler Besetzung und bei machbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

    Die beiden Notenausgaben und weitere Werke von Martin Grassl finden Sie hier. Noch mehr Informationen finden Sie auf seiner Website.