New Releases

  1. Travel Inside

    Cover - Travel Inside
    May 2015

    An album of beautifully ambient, organic electronica, full of pensive atmospherics and subtle melodies.

  2. Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans

    Cover - Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans
    May 2015

    Celebrate Rock’n’Roll with an exceptional blend of Garage, Blues and Southern Rock! Urban, traffic, leisure, documentary.

  3. Alt Indie

    Cover - Alt Indie
    May 2015

    Independent, free, relaxed, flowing! Small episodes in Indie style. Documentary, summer, leisure, urban.

  4. Three Mellow Melodies

    Cover - Three Mellow Melodies
    May 2015

    Pensive guitars for emotional moments. Documentary, portrait, landscape.

  5. Toys Toys Toys

    Cover - Toys Toys Toys
    April 2015

    A brillant selection versatlie tunes and melodies. All played using vintage original with toy instruments.

  6. Witty Discoveries

    Cover - Witty Discoveries
    April 2015

    A very colourful, smartish mix! Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail. Documentary, reportage, animals, children, slapstick and many funny situations.

  7. Melting Pop

    Cover - Melting Pop
    March 2015

    Pop rock and electro pop songs. Positive, happy. 80's and 90's inspired. Reportage, Urban, Free Time, Hobby.

  8. Life Is A Dream

    Cover - Life Is A Dream
    February 2015

    A glimpse into different spheres! Electro sounds create unreal impressions. Space, research, science.

  9. So Trumpet

    Cover - So Trumpet
    February 2015

    Modern grooves liaise with meticulously embedded trumpets. Late night, urban, leisure, jazzy.

  10. Old School Bass

    Cover - Old School Bass
    February 2015

    The best of Jazz Bass from the Sixties! Here comes the sound from the deep. Easy Listening, funky, leisure, urban, nostalgia.

  11. News, Media & Current Affairs Vol.1

    Cover - News, Media & Current Affairs Vol.1
    February 2015

    On the hour: the right music for any type of news. It’s as if you hear the ticker ticking! But also for industry, research and the world of science.

  12. Sentimental Mood

    Cover - Sentimental Mood
    January 2015

    Meet the jazz combo at the bar. Soft, flattering sounds in a sentimental mood. Bar, late night, cultural, museum, landscapes.

  13. Electro Robot

    Cover - Electro Robot
    January 2015

    Technological, corporate, news, electronica, experimental, evolving.

  14. Analog Voyage

    Cover - Analog Voyage
    January 2015

    A musical journey into the times of analogue synth! Research, sciences, space, astronomy, industrial.

  15. Master Chef

    Cover - Master Chef
    January 2015

    Hit the pot the other way! Listen to a rhythm section made up of kitchen tools. Quirky, perky, debonaire. Fits funny situations all over.

  16. Blues Box

    Cover - Blues Box
    November 2014

    This blues album is a "guitar orgy" in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore. Unlike most blues albums you get an extrodinary variety of styles and moods, not least thanks to the involvement of different singers. Their native tongues give the songs the original American sound. The album comes with traditional songs played with acoustic instruments, with funky rhythm blues tracks, some wonderful ballads and natürlich some songs to shake the walls. Always present are the meaty guitars of LouPoe. The rhythmic bed of bass and drums is very relaxed... as Blues should be! Documentary, travel, summer, city. CD 1 has complete songs with lyrics; CD 2 has instrumental versions!

  17. Girl Power

    Cover - Girl Power
    September 2014

    Pure girl power! Electro, pop, rock, pop-electro, electro-rock etc. Driving beats, flashy vocals (strictly female!). Industrial, urban, coverage, sports, adverts.

  18. Paris Mon Amour

    Cover - Paris Mon Amour
    June 2014

    The French Savoir Vivre! A journey through France with all facets of the art of living in this country. As diverse as Paris: Romantic, nostalgic, fun-loving. Documentary, holidays, Travel.

  19. Digital Walking

    Cover - Digital Walking
    June 2014

    Electronic ambient sounds for the digital age. Also suitable for science, research and the expanses of space.

  20. Synthosphere

    Cover - Synthosphere
    May 2014

    Synthosphere takes us into the world of analog synthesizers. Organic warm sounds in the style of the 80s. Sometimes Kraftwerk, sometimes disco.


  • Im Blickpunkt: Martin Grassl

    Martin Grassl war nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München unter anderem als Arrangeur und Komponist im Bereich Popmusik tätig, etwa für Fancy, Al Bano & Romina Power und G. G. Anderson.

    Im Mittelpunkt seiner Arbeit steht die Filmmusik. Seit 1986 schrieb er Filmscores für diverse TV-Dokumentationen und Fernsehserien, darunter hunderte Folgen „SOKO Kitzbühel“, „Marienhof“ und mehrere „Tatorte“. Die Komposition für Film und Fernsehen verbindet uns seit vielen Jahren mit Martin Grassl. Die neueste Produktion "Pure Nature" hören Sie hier.

    Daneben steht Grassls Arbeit als Pädagoge. Er lehrte an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München und leitet seit vielen Jahren die musikalische Arbeit an einem Münchener Gymnasium. In diese Richtung zielen auch seine Kompositionen "Pictures in Motion" und "A Day in the Mountains". Sie sollen junge Musiker in die Welt der Filmmusik einführen und zum aktiven Musizieren animieren, in variabler Besetzung und bei machbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

    Die beiden Notenausgaben und weitere Werke von Martin Grassl finden Sie hier. Noch mehr Informationen finden Sie auf seiner Website.