New Releases

  1. Cultural Pressure

    Cover - Cultural Pressure
    July 2018

    A manipulative and disruptive hybrid mix. Brimming with a cross section of misleading cultural tension. Question your intention. It may make you think twice.

  2. Advertising Happiness

    Cover - Advertising Happiness
    July 2018

    This happiness thing is just so contagious! Even the world of advertising needs a little helping hand sometimes so we've concocted a collection of slightly sugar coated tracks to sweeten up your day. Enjoy, be happy and bounce round a bit!

  3. Indie Scenery Vol. 3

    Cover - Indie Scenery Vol. 3
    July 2018

    A sense of true calm and a feeling of being at one with your surroundings. Enjoy these uplifting, graceful moments to consider how good life is.

  4. Defense Line

    Cover - Defense Line
    July 2018

    Defense Line offers the perfect sound in terms of crime and mystery. With powerful drums and pulsating sounds, the tension in the investigation work becomes tangible.

  5. The Great Beatmaker

    Cover - The Great Beatmaker
    June 2018

    Urban cool meets casual hip hop beats. The Great Beatmaker offers everything from old school to trap, but always stays on the pulse of the modern metropolis.

  6. Luminescence

    Cover - Luminescence
    June 2018

    Filmic orchestral sounds, sometimes worn, sometimes majestic, sometimes on the move. The perfect background for landscapes, castles or documentaries about kings and their court.

  7. Checkmate Threat

    Cover - Checkmate Threat
    June 2018

    Quiet synths with wide soundscapes. From spherical to meditative. No matter if space or science documentary, with the sounds of Checkmate Threat you are always right.

  8. Hard2RES!ST

    Cover - Hard2RES!ST
    May 2018

    Straightforward techno beats as we know them from the Netherlands. EDM with pounding, hard drums that turn night into day.

  9. Analog Tension

    Cover - Analog Tension
    May 2018

    A theme setter for the odd, bizarre and unexpected. We scanned a gambit of eccentric elements and sort to set the ‘Hybridity' standard one notch higher. And we did! It's strange, it's even ugly on occasion, but when you need atypical this is your go.

  10. Happy Days

    Cover - Happy Days
    May 2018

    A selection of upbeat, positive music that will make you sit up and smile.

  11. Emotional Piano Stories

    Cover - Emotional Piano Stories
    April 2018

    Romantic and contemporary inspiring piano solo pieces.

  12. Positive Summer Vibes

    Cover - Positive Summer Vibes
    April 2018

    You know that excited feeling you get when you're gearing up for the vacation season? Well, Positive Summer Vibes will give you just that and some! This amazingly warm, upbeat and care-free album will give you a sunburst of power.

  13. Strings Attached

    Cover - Strings Attached
    April 2018

    Strings Attached is a wonderfully orchestrated strings and guitars album, but just for the fun of it we added a hint of hybridity here and there. A magical mix of themes leaving you with a real feeling of true positivity.

  14. Rockabilly

    Cover - Rockabilly
    April 2018

    A fiery modern take on the 50's Rockabilly genre, from gritty rock ‘n’ roll to light and bright, quirky melodies. With fast guitar licks, rocking drums and heavy double bass.

  15. Horizon - Artist Series

    Cover - Horizon - Artist Series
    March 2018

    Warm indie pop folk, inspired by nature, with some of the most beautiful lyrics you will hear this year.

  16. Docu Spheres

    Cover - Docu Spheres
    March 2018

    Sophisticated layers for documentary environments. From the in-depth to the light hearted programming matters, Docu Spheres leaves the level of intensity down to the producer.

  17. Guitars And Beats

    Cover - Guitars And Beats
    March 2018

    We bring you a sense of differing thrills to widen your visual world and centre your productions. Enjoy this effervescent and eclectic mixology of guitars and beats. We did!

  18. Digital Odyssey

    Cover - Digital Odyssey
    February 2018

    Analog pulsing synths and wide strings meeting. A mix of deep digital sounds and clear strings orchestra suiting mystery, tension or hope atmospheres.

  19. Pure Nature

    Cover - Pure Nature
    February 2018

    Cello and piano in harmony. If nature could play instruments, it would certainly sound the same. Many versions, perfect for nature photos, travel or a relaxed flight over a national park.

  20. Empower

    Cover - Empower
    February 2018

    A powerful pop album complete with soulful female vocals, stomping percussion and equal amounts swagger and emotion.


  • Neues Arrangement von Tanto Mar

    Tanto Mar von Nicole Badila liegt in einem neuen Arrangement vor, das von Kuno Schmid erstellt wurde. In erster Linie sind es die üppig-sinnlichen Streicher, die das brasilianische Feeling noch einmal steigern. Mehr Meer geht nicht!

    Nicole Badila hat davon auch ein Video produziert – ein gelungenes Beispiel, wie Musik und Bild zusammenwirken.

  • Im Blickpunkt: Martin Grassl

    Martin Grassl war nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München unter anderem als Arrangeur und Komponist im Bereich Popmusik tätig, etwa für Fancy, Al Bano & Romina Power und G. G. Anderson.

    Im Mittelpunkt seiner Arbeit steht die Filmmusik. Seit 1986 schrieb er Filmscores für diverse TV-Dokumentationen und Fernsehserien, darunter hunderte Folgen „SOKO Kitzbühel“, „Marienhof“ und mehrere „Tatorte“. Die Komposition für Film und Fernsehen verbindet uns seit vielen Jahren mit Martin Grassl. Die neueste Produktion "Pure Nature" hören Sie hier.

    Daneben steht Grassls Arbeit als Pädagoge. Er lehrte an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München und leitet seit vielen Jahren die musikalische Arbeit an einem Münchener Gymnasium. In diese Richtung zielen auch seine Kompositionen "Pictures in Motion" und "A Day in the Mountains". Sie sollen junge Musiker in die Welt der Filmmusik einführen und zum aktiven Musizieren animieren, in variabler Besetzung und bei machbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

    Die beiden Notenausgaben und weitere Werke von Martin Grassl finden Sie hier . Noch mehr Informationen finden Sie auf seiner Website .