Corona Crisis
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Corona Crisis

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) keeps the world in suspense and creates restrictions in almost all areas. Curfews, risk areas and statistics. Music for updates, news and reports.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-03-17
Track count: 30
Total playing time: 1:08:31

  • EM5271: The VerbMain2:11
    Low and slow atmosphere with repeated percussion and distant spoken voices
  • AAM530: Direct ConnectMusic bed2:34
    Uptempo percussive orchestral tension and mystery, crime scene investigation. Builds to high energy climax.
  • AAM552: Down The RabbitholeNo Guitar Melody2:06
    slow drone/ pulse style light tension cue builds to big end, reality TV
  • HPM4204: Finding The CureMain2:32
  • HPM4156: Ambient BeautyNo Perc1:20
  • HPM4213: Sellectronic Tension BeatsMain1:38
  • HPM4213: Dynamic VortexMain2:54
  • EM5318: Evening PlansUnderscore2:28
    Urban slow electro pop track with cut vocal samples, intimate synth pattern and hip hop drums.
  • EM5281: Waiting for HappinessMain1:18
    Intimist and mysyterious ethereal mood. Spatial atmosphere with muffled and reverberated sounds.
  • HPM4156: Driving Tension TwoMain1:19
  • EM5287: Cardio StressRemix A2:40
    Slow and terrific mood, suspenseful. The murderer is in the house...
  • EM5317: Unfinished PuzzleUnderscore2:38
    Long rising acoustic hopeful and luminous electronica with mixed piano and synth arp. Delicate anti climax. Cello ending theme.
  • EM5287: Cardio StressRemix B2:40
    Slow and terrific mood, suspenseful. The murderer is in the house...
  • EM5317: Sound ArchitectUnderscore3:06
    Delicate and elegant mood with felt piano arp, emotional cello theme and pluck synth arp.
  • HPM4153: AeonMain1:27
  • HPM4153: StreamMain1:37
  • LUV051: History MysteryAlternate2:12
    A lightly mysterious track that promises something more.
  • EM5317: Hammering PianoUnderscore2:17
    Confident and motivational electronica with pounding piano, synth arp and beat.
  • EM5304: Divine InspirationAlternate 24:27
    Dark and slow urban mood with mysterious strings theme and synths.
  • EM5304: Black ArtsAlternate 12:08
    Long rising suspense and mysterious mood with wide synths and strings.
  • HPM4154: MorphNo Beat1:11
  • EM5287: Blunt ForceMain2:36
    Pulsing and percussive underscore that perfectly fits in an investigation report.
  • EM5317: Random DistanceUnderscore2:13
    Ethereal and melancholic piano theme with peaceful electronica perc. Mysterious ending.
  • EM5317: Broken GatesUnderscore2:35
    Mysterious piano intro turning into confident remixed piano electronica. Poignant cello ending.
  • EM5304: BlacklistedAlternate 33:54
    Heavy urban dark mood with pulsing synths and strings.
  • EM5304: DifferentialAlternate 23:09
    Strange and ominous rising mood with pulsing and wide synths.
  • HPM4156: Drone KitMain1:09
  • HPM4156: Minor Deep DroneMain1:18
  • EM5300: Surgery In SpaceUnderscore2:17
    Investigation, technologic and futuristic mood with urgent driving bass and time-clicking perc.
  • EM5300: Weather BeatenUnderscore2:37
    Supernatural mood with gritty wood perc and eerie acoustic pads. Mysterious piano theme @ 0:50.




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