Ibiza Affair
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Ibiza Affair

Ibiza Affair: Our playlist on one of the most barefaced scandals in decades. It all seems like in a bad movie, but at least you have good music here... Hasta la vista, Do svedanja and Küss die Hand!

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2019-05-22
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 30:32

  • ZEN006: Night In IbizaMain3:39
    Chill out / Bass @ 0:36 / piano @ 0:40 with delay / electric & rhythmic guitar @ 1:15
  • AAM530: PoliticaFull3:15
    Dramatic tension, crime scene investigation, builds to climax. Mid tempo.
  • HR2273: Russian DreamFull Version2:53
    Dancing, Harmonica, Russia, Strings, Traditional, Vocalise
  • JW2027: Radetzky MarchFull2:14
  • JW2027: Wine, Women And Song WaltzFull5:45
  • AAM514: Get Dat CashFull1:31
    Uptempo, dramatic hip hop, gangsta, rhythmic, lots of hits, urban, celebrity, fashion, travel, reality shows
  • BLINQ 035: Surveillance TapesMain2:26
    Crime, Tension, Documentary, Atmospheric
  • EM5308: Crime EvidenceMain2:49
    Suspenseful and mysterious investigation underscore mood with repetitive arp pattern. Ethnic touch.
  • BLINQ 032: Your Back Against The WallMain2:32
    Soul, Retro, Vintage, 60's, 70's
  • EM5262: Bye Bye BoyMain3:28
    It may be raining on his guitar…




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