Research & Development

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Research & Development BLINQ 085

The only way to establish the facts and reach new conclusions, this album Research & Development will give you the musical source to systematically study your material. Be prepared for some serious revelations!

blinq BLINQ 085

  • 001Birth Of A StarMain1:51
  • 002Birth Of A StarAlt1:51
  • 003Birth Of A StarAlt1:51
  • 004Birth Of A StarAlt1:51
  • 005Going OnlineMain1:39
  • 006Going OnlineAlt1:39
  • 007Going OnlineAlt1:39
  • 008Going OnlineAlt1:39
  • 009Cinematic ScienceMain1:42
  • 010Cinematic ScienceAlt1:42
  • 011Cinematic ScienceAlt1:42
  • 012Cinematic ScienceAlt1:42
  • 013Cinematic ScienceAlt1:42
  • 014Scientific CertitudeMain1:34
  • 015Scientific CertitudeAlt1:34
  • 016Scientific CertitudeAlt1:34
  • 017Scientific CertitudeAlt1:34
  • 018Exploring The ExceptionsMain1:44
  • 019Exploring The ExceptionsAlt1:44
  • 020Exploring The ExceptionsAlt1:44
  • 021Exploring The ExceptionsAlt1:44
  • 022Expansion ProcessMain1:48
  • 023Expansion ProcessAlt1:48
  • 024Expansion ProcessAlt1:48
  • 025Expansion ProcessAlt1:48
  • 026Online InvestigationsMain2:02
  • 027Online InvestigationsAlt2:02
  • 028Online InvestigationsAlt2:02
  • 029Online InvestigationsAlt2:02
  • 030Online InvestigationsAlt2:02
  • 031Critical ThinkingMain1:23
  • 032Critical ThinkingAlt1:23
  • 033Critical ThinkingAlt1:23
  • 034Critical ThinkingAlt1:23
  • 035Construing ClarificationMain1:56
  • 036Construing ClarificationAlt1:56
  • 037Construing ClarificationAlt1:56
  • 038Construing ClarificationAlt1:56
  • 039The Facts of LifeMain1:58
  • 040The Facts of LifeAlt1:58
  • 041The Facts of LifeAlt1:58
  • 042The Facts of LifeAlt1:58




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