Funk Off!

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Funk Off! BLINQ 084

Time to lube your groove bro. This super sassy album has all the stuff to get your next gig done. A funk fusion melange with retro beats and scratches that'll have you movin' in no time. Dig It!

blinq BLINQ 084

  • 001When God GroovesMain2:01
  • 002When God GroovesAlt2:01
  • 003When God GroovesAlt2:01
  • 004When God GroovesAlt2:01
  • 005When God GroovesAlt2:01
  • 006Scratch Yo AssMain2:00
  • 007Scratch Yo AssAlt2:00
  • 008Scratch Yo AssAlt2:00
  • 009Scratch Yo AssAlt2:00
  • 010Scratch Yo AssAlt2:00
  • 011Pimp That FunkMain2:00
  • 012Pimp That FunkAlt2:00
  • 013Pimp That FunkAlt2:00
  • 014Pimp That FunkAlt2:00
  • 015Pimp That FunkAlt2:00
  • 016Nitty GrittyMain2:18
  • 017Nitty GrittyAlt2:18
  • 018Nitty GrittyAlt2:18
  • 019Nitty GrittyAlt2:18
  • 020P for FunkMain2:01
  • 021P for FunkAlt2:01
  • 022P for FunkAlt2:01
  • 023P for FunkAlt2:01
  • 024Funk LubeMain2:02
  • 025Funk LubeAlt2:02
  • 026Funk LubeAlt2:02
  • 027Funk LubeAlt2:02
  • 028Jive SlideMain2:13
  • 029Jive SlideAlt2:13
  • 030Jive SlideAlt2:13
  • 031Jive SlideAlt2:13
  • 032Jive SlideAlt2:13
  • 033Jive SlideAlt2:13
  • 034Smoove GrooveMain2:03
  • 035Smoove GrooveAlt2:03
  • 036Smoove GrooveAlt2:03
  • 037Smoove GrooveAlt2:03
  • 038Smoove GrooveAlt2:03




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