Minimal Piano

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Minimal Piano BLINQ 082

Reflective, sincere, light and unencumbered. These are just a handful of words best suited to describe this blinq Underscore Minimal Piano album. Perspective insight, charm and grace; these tracks invite scoop and depth.

blinq BLINQ 082

  • 001Fluid GraceMain2:08
  • 002Fluid GraceAlt2:08
  • 003Fluid GraceAlt2:08
  • 004Looking From The InsideMain2:07
  • 005Looking From The InsideAlt2:07
  • 006Looking From The InsideAlt2:07
  • 007Clarity ConveyedMain1:53
  • 008Clarity ConveyedAlt1:53
  • 009Clarity ConveyedAlt1:53
  • 010Portray of PurposeMain1:36
  • 011Portray of PurposeAlt1:36
  • 012Portray of PurposeAlt1:36
  • 013Portray of PurposeAlt1:36
  • 014Picture RecapMain2:12
  • 015Picture RecapAlt2:12
  • 016Picture RecapAlt2:12
  • 017Picture RecapAlt2:12
  • 018Suspended AnimationMain2:51
  • 019Suspended AnimationAlt2:51
  • 020Suspended AnimationAlt2:51
  • 021Weeping WillowMain1:33
  • 022Weeping WillowAlt1:33
  • 023Weeping WillowAlt1:33
  • 024Healing HeartsMain1:58
  • 025Healing HeartsAlt1:58
  • 026Healing HeartsAlt1:58
  • 027PrecautionMain2:05
  • 028PrecautionAlt2:05
  • 029PrecautionAlt2:05
  • 030Fill The VoidMain2:10
  • 031Fill The VoidAlt2:10
  • 032Fill The VoidAlt2:10




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