Ukulele Forever

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Ukulele Forever BLINQ 079

blinq is known for producing great music but somehow everybody seems to like the ukulele. So here you are: Ukulele Forever. 8 bright, chirpy and oh so catchy ukulele tracks some of them with an indie twist.

blinq BLINQ 079

  • 001Positive EmpowermentMain1:43
  • 002Positive EmpowermentAlt1:43
  • 003Positive EmpowermentAlt1:43
  • 004Positive EmpowermentAlt1:43
  • 005Positive EmpowermentAlt1:43
  • 006World Of PossibilitiesMain2:03
  • 007World Of PossibilitiesAlt2:03
  • 008World Of PossibilitiesAlt2:03
  • 009World Of PossibilitiesAlt2:03
  • 010World Of PossibilitiesAlt2:03
  • 011World Of PossibilitiesAlt2:03
  • 012Everything Is FineMain1:37
  • 013Everything Is FineAlt1:37
  • 014Everything Is FineAlt1:37
  • 015Everything Is FineAlt1:37
  • 016Everything Is FineAlt1:37
  • 017Retail TigerMain1:46
  • 018Retail TigerAlt1:46
  • 019Retail TigerAlt1:46
  • 020Retail TigerAlt1:46
  • 021Retail TigerAlt1:46
  • 022Touched By PerfectionMain1:22
  • 023Touched By PerfectionAlt1:22
  • 024Touched By PerfectionAlt1:22
  • 025Touched By PerfectionAlt1:22
  • 026Beach PartyMain1:48
  • 027Beach PartyAlt1:48
  • 028Beach PartyAlt1:48
  • 029Beach PartyAlt1:48
  • 030Health BoostMain1:43
  • 031Health BoostAlt1:43
  • 032Health BoostAlt1:43
  • 033Health BoostAlt1:43
  • 034Pureness By NatureMain1:58
  • 035Pureness By NatureAlt1:58
  • 036Pureness By NatureAlt1:58
  • 037Pureness By NatureAlt1:58




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