Analog Tension Vol. 2

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Analog Tension Vol. 2 BLINQ 075

blinq has more hybrid strangeness for the lovers of weird analog elements. Think braintwisting tension themes which envelope your senses into the deepest of vortexes. Seriously guys, it's weird. Really weird.

blinq BLINQ 075

  • 001Danger Turned Upside DownMain2:29
  • 002Danger Turned Upside DownAlt2:29
  • 003Danger Turned Upside DownAlt2:29
  • 004Danger Turned Upside DownAlt2:29
  • 005Feeling UncomfortableMain2:24
  • 006Feeling UncomfortableAlt2:24
  • 007Feeling UncomfortableAlt2:24
  • 008Vortex VacuumMain2:11
  • 009Vortex VacuumAlt2:11
  • 010Vortex VacuumAlt2:11
  • 011Vortex VacuumAlt2:11
  • 012Sinister SequenceMain2:39
  • 013Sinister SequenceAlt2:39
  • 014Sinister SequenceAlt2:39
  • 015Sinister SequenceAlt2:39
  • 016ParanoiaMain2:34
  • 017ParanoiaAlt2:34
  • 018ParanoiaAlt2:34
  • 019ParanoiaAlt2:34
  • 020Transitory ActionsMain2:27
  • 021Transitory ActionsAlt2:27
  • 022Transitory ActionsAlt2:27
  • 023Transitory ActionsAlt2:27
  • 024Harmful ToxinsMain2:37
  • 025Harmful ToxinsAlt2:37
  • 026Harmful ToxinsAlt2:37
  • 027Harmful ToxinsAlt2:37
  • 028Dirty Analog EnvelopeMain2:02
  • 029Dirty Analog EnvelopeAlt2:02
  • 030Dirty Analog EnvelopeAlt2:02




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