Summer 2019
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Summer 2019

At temperatures around 30 ° true summer feeling comes up. Whether on your way to vacation, on the beach or at home on staycation, with this playlist you have the right sound for the hottest days of the year.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-12
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 19:36

  • HR2334: MarapendiMain3:10
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Fender,Rhodes,Flugelhorn,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,Party,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocalise
  • HR2334: Chorinho Pra VoceMain2:49
    Advertising,Animals,Argentina,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,Children,Choro,City,Cruise,Culture,Documentation,Flowers,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,Landscape,Latin,Mandolin,Park,Reportage,Rural,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Zoo
  • AAM549: Spice Of LifeFull Mix2:17
    Positive and optimistic guitar-based pop rock track
  • AAM549: Soak Up The FunFull Mix1:20
    Positive optimistic upbeat EDM track in the style of The Chainsmokers
  • AAM549: One Yard LineFull Mix1:59
    Fun uptempo pop punk in the style of Blink 182
  • AAM549: Cause And EffectFull Mix1:15
    Quirky jazzy hip-hop with a touch of comedic mystery and intrigue
  • AAM549: CrossroadsFull Mix2:04
    Fun 1960s Motown style R&B soul track with great energy, Tower of Power style horns
  • AAM549: Best Friends ForeverFull Mix1:32
    Happy lighthearted track with piano and bells, perfect for commercials or kids
  • AAM549: Little QuestionsFull Mix1:48
    Happy lighthearted track with piano and bells, perfect for commercials or kids
  • AAM554: Summer In The CityFull Mix1:22
    Uplifting sentimental emotional pop track with piano and strings melody over a straight beat




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