Hands To The Sky

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Hands To The Sky FGM013

Celebratory and confident female led pop songs focusing on the positive aspects of self and others. EDM, Synth Pop & Rock tracks to throw your hands in the air to and party!

Feel Good Music FGM013

  • 001You Make Me AmazingMain2:51
  • 002You Make Me AmazingInstrumental2:51
  • 003I'm On FireMain2:51
  • 004I'm On FireInstrumental2:51
  • 005Party PartyMain2:30
  • 006Party PartyInstrumental2:30
  • 007Tonight Is 4EvaMain3:02
  • 008Tonight Is 4EvaInstrumental3:02
  • 009Always Have MusicMain2:49
  • 010Always Have MusicInstrumental2:54




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