Trailer Beats

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Trailer Beats BLINQ 078

Strong, bold and very deliberate, but this time without the overly bombastic bull of the usual trailer themes. It's sound design to build on, to carry your production forward. This one is a scene setter.

blinq BLINQ 078

  • 001Adrenalin JunkieMain1:11
  • 002Adrenalin JunkieAlt1:11
  • 003Adrenalin JunkieAlt1:11
  • 004Adrenalin JunkieAlt1:11
  • 005Hybrid Battle GroundMain1:17
  • 006Hybrid Battle GroundAlt1:17
  • 007Hybrid Battle GroundAlt1:17
  • 008Militant MasherMain1:12
  • 009Militant MasherAlt1:12
  • 010Militant MasherAlt1:12
  • 011Pounding PunctuationsMain1:30
  • 012Pounding PunctuationsAlt1:30
  • 013Pounding PunctuationsAlt1:30
  • 014Chase Is OnMain1:24
  • 015Chase Is OnAlt1:24
  • 016Chase Is OnAlt1:24
  • 017CrossfireMain1:23
  • 018CrossfireAlt1:23
  • 019CrossfireAlt1:23
  • 020Forceful ReckoningMain1:34
  • 021Forceful ReckoningAlt1:34
  • 022Forceful ReckoningAlt1:34
  • 023Forceful ReckoningAlt1:34
  • 024Going Out With A BangMain1:16
  • 025Going Out With A BangAlt1:16
  • 026Going Out With A BangAlt1:16
  • 027Razor SharpMain1:24
  • 028Razor SharpAlt1:24
  • 029Razor SharpAlt1:24
  • 030Razor SharpAlt1:24
  • 031Intentional IntonationMain1:22
  • 032Intentional IntonationAlt1:22
  • 033Intentional IntonationAlt1:22




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