Forensic Investigation

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Forensic Investigation BLINQ 077

Oddly compelling and yet slightly unnerving. Forensic Investigation isn't about to overwhelm your visual integrity, but it'll pack a subtle punch when needed and give your production the ultimate charge.

blinq BLINQ 077

  • 001Suspended NarrativesMain2:07
  • 002Suspended NarrativesAlt2:07
  • 003Suspended NarrativesAlt2:07
  • 004Verified EvidenceMain2:08
  • 005Verified EvidenceAlt2:08
  • 006Verified EvidenceAlt2:08
  • 007Verified EvidenceAlt2:08
  • 008Looking GlassMain2:16
  • 009Looking GlassAlt2:16
  • 010Looking GlassAlt2:16
  • 011Looking GlassAlt2:16
  • 012ProbeMain1:38
  • 013ProbeAlt1:38
  • 014ProbeAlt1:38
  • 015ProbeAlt1:38
  • 016Transparent TechMain1:56
  • 017Transparent TechAlt1:56
  • 018Transparent TechAlt1:56
  • 019Looking For CluesMain1:56
  • 020Looking For CluesAlt1:56
  • 021Looking For CluesAlt1:56
  • 022Looking For CluesAlt1:56
  • 023Circular MovementMain1:45
  • 024Circular MovementAlt1:45
  • 025Circular MovementAlt1:45
  • 026Circular MovementAlt1:45
  • 027Circular MovementAlt1:45
  • 028Methodical ManoevresMain2:01
  • 029Methodical ManoevresAlt2:01
  • 030Methodical ManoevresAlt2:01
  • 031Methodical ManoevresAlt2:01
  • 032Urging MattersMain1:57
  • 033Urging MattersAlt1:57
  • 034Urging MattersAlt1:57
  • 035Urging MattersAlt1:57
  • 036Questionable ResultsMain2:12
  • 037Questionable ResultsAlt2:12
  • 038Questionable ResultsAlt2:12
  • 039Questionable ResultsAlt2:12




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