Ethereal Drama

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Ethereal Drama BLINQ 076

Ethereal Drama allows you the ability to feel, see, taste and sense your surroundings although these themes are light, they are filled with a surreal depth and gravity. Show your audience the lightness in the dark as much as the darkness in the light.

blinq BLINQ 076

  • 001Temporal ObservationsMain1:40
  • 002Temporal ObservationsAlt1:40
  • 003Temporal ObservationsAlt1:40
  • 004Temporal ObservationsAlt1:40
  • 005Uncertain EventsMain2:05
  • 006Uncertain EventsAlt2:05
  • 007Uncertain EventsAlt2:05
  • 008Fragile TaleMain2:01
  • 009Fragile TaleAlt2:01
  • 010Fragile TaleAlt2:01
  • 011Fragile TaleAlt2:01
  • 012Glimmer of LightMain2:21
  • 013Glimmer of LightAlt2:21
  • 014Glimmer of LightAlt2:21
  • 015Glimmer of LightAlt2:21
  • 016View From AboveMain1:40
  • 017View From AboveAlt1:40
  • 018View From AboveAlt1:40
  • 019View From AboveAlt1:40
  • 020Difficult DecisionsMain2:08
  • 021Difficult DecisionsAlt2:08
  • 022Difficult DecisionsAlt2:08
  • 023InternalisingMain2:12
  • 024InternalisingAlt2:12
  • 025InternalisingAlt2:12
  • 026Hope Is Our FutureMain2:18
  • 027Hope Is Our FutureAlt2:18
  • 028Hope Is Our FutureAlt2:18
  • 029Hope Is Our FutureAlt2:18
  • 030Uncertain EvolvementMain2:24
  • 031Uncertain EvolvementAlt2:24
  • 032Uncertain EvolvementAlt2:24
  • 033Uncertain EvolvementAlt2:24
  • 034Gradual DeclineMain1:44
  • 035Gradual DeclineAlt1:44
  • 036Gradual DeclineAlt1:44
  • 037Gradual DeclineAlt1:44




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