Songbook Vol. 2

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Songbook Vol. 2 AAM911

Pop, Rock, and RandB song collection, with vocals

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM911

  • 007Koolest Kat AroundMale vocal3:00
  • 008Koolest Kat AroundInstrumental2:59
  • 012Red HandedFemale vocal3:26
  • 013Red HandedInstrumental3:26
  • 014Tomorrow's Gonna Be BetterFemale vocal3:44
  • 015Tomorrow's Gonna Be BetterInstrumental3:44
  • 016Don't Slow Me DownMale vocal3:20
  • 017Don't Slow Me DownInstrumental3:22
  • 018EmotionsMale vocal4:07
  • 019EmotionsInstrumental4:26
  • 020Someone To LoveMale vocal3:15
  • 021Someone To LoveInstrumental3:16
  • 022Would You Call It LoveMale vocal2:50
  • 023Would You Call It LoveInstrumental2:47




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