Songbook Vol. 1

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Songbook Vol. 1 AAM910

Pop, Rock, and RandB song collection, with vocals

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM910

  • 001Standing Tall TonightMale vocal3:14
  • 002Standing Tall TonightInstrumental3:14
  • 003All The LadiesFemale vocal3:13
  • 004All The LadiesInstrumental2:59
  • 005La La Lucky OneFemale vocal3:20
  • 006La La Lucky OneInstrumental3:19
  • 007All I've GotMale vocal3:33
  • 008All I've GotInstrumental3:33
  • 009Beautiful LifeFemale vocal3:51
  • 010Beautiful LifeInstrumental3:52
  • 011Don't Hold Out On MeFemale vocal4:14
  • 012Don't Hold Out On MeInstrumental4:16
  • 013Getting NowhereMale vocal3:50
  • 014Getting NowhereInstrumental3:50
  • 015Gimme SomethingFemale vocal3:28
  • 016Gimme SomethingInstrumental3:12
  • 017Loneliness Is Loving YouFemale vocal3:45
  • 018Loneliness Is Loving YouInstrumental3:45
  • 019My Whole LifeMale vocal3:38
  • 020My Whole LifeInstrumental3:38
  • 021Something On Her MindMale vocal2:32
  • 022Something On Her MindInstrumental2:32
  • 023Drifting AgainMale vocal3:42
  • 024Drifting AgainInstrumental3:42
  • 025Grey Sky GirlMale vocal3:32
  • 026Grey Sky GirlInstrumental3:32
  • 027You Don't See It At AllMale vocal3:29
  • 028You Don't See It At AllInstrumental3:29




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