Chillout Sessions

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Chillout Sessions AAM909

Chillout R&B, soul, and pop songs with vocals

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM909

  • 001Whatever You WantFemale vocal4:06
  • 002Whatever You WantInstrumental4:06
  • 003Everything I AmMale vocal3:14
  • 004Everything I AmInstrumental3:14
  • 005In Sweet SorrowMale vocal3:30
  • 006In Sweet SorrowInstrumental3:30
  • 007Meeting Me HalfwayMale vocal3:26
  • 008Meeting Me HalfwayInstrumental3:26
  • 009No Time To WasteFemale vocal3:07
  • 010No Time To WasteInstrumental3:07
  • 011Fairytales And LovesongsFemale vocal4:07
  • 012Fairytales And LovesongsInstrumental4:07
  • 0132 Of UsMale vocal3:37
  • 0142 Of UsInstrumental3:37
  • 015Up On A RollercoasterFemale vocal3:21
  • 016Up On A RollercoasterInstrumental3:21
  • 017City LightsMale vocal3:41
  • 018City LightsInstrumental3:41
  • 019Digital LifeMale vocal3:21
  • 020Digital LifeInstrumental3:21
  • 021Escape From RealityMale vocal3:49
  • 022Escape From RealityInstrumental3:49
  • 023One More NightFemale vocal3:09
  • 024One More NightInstrumental3:09
  • 025I Dream Of YouMale vocal3:31
  • 026I Dream Of YouInstrumental3:31
  • 027Whatever You Want60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal1:00
  • 028Whatever You Want60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 029Everything I Am60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 030Everything I Am60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 031In Sweet Sorrow60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 032In Sweet Sorrow60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 033Meeting Me Halfway60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 034Meeting Me Halfway60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 035No Time To Waste60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 036No Time To Waste60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 037Fairytales And Lovesongs60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal1:00
  • 038Fairytales And Lovesongs60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 0392 Of Us60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 0402 Of Us60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 041Up On A Rollercoaster60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal1:00
  • 042Up On A Rollercoaster60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 043City Lights60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 044City Lights60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 045Digital Life60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 046Digital Life60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 047Escape From Reality60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 048Escape From Reality60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 049One More Night60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal1:00
  • 050One More Night60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 051I Dream Of You60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 052I Dream Of You60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 053Whatever You Want30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal0:30
  • 054Whatever You Want30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 055Everything I Am30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 056Everything I Am30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 057In Sweet Sorrow30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 058In Sweet Sorrow30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 059Meeting Me Halfway30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 060Meeting Me Halfway30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 061No Time To Waste30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 062No Time To Waste30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 063Fairytales And Lovesongs30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal0:30
  • 064Fairytales And Lovesongs30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 0652 Of Us30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 0662 Of Us30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 067Up On A Rollercoaster30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal0:30
  • 068Up On A Rollercoaster30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 069City Lights30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 070City Lights30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 071Digital Life30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 072Digital Life30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 073Escape From Reality30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 074Escape From Reality30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 075One More Night30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal0:30
  • 076One More Night30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 077I Dream Of You30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 078I Dream Of You30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30




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