Vocal Hits: Retro

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Vocal Hits: Retro AAM904

Groove to the past with 1960's through 1990's style songs

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM904

  • 001Love It Like ThatMale & female vocal3:46
  • 002Love It Like ThatInstrumental3:46
  • 003Beacon HillFemale vocal, disco version3:27
  • 004Beacon HillInstrumental, disco version3:27
  • 005Beacon HillInstrumental, disco version, no sax3:27
  • 006Boogie ChillsMale vocal, disco version3:20
  • 007Boogie ChillsInstrumental, disco version3:05
  • 008The Beat In My HeartFemale vocal3:00
  • 009The Beat In My HeartInstrumental3:00
  • 010Yes You CanMale vocal2:36
  • 011Yes You CanInstrumental2:36
  • 012Hey PeopleMale vocal3:28
  • 013Hey PeopleInstrumental3:28
  • 014I'm The OneMale vocal3:16
  • 015I'm The OneInstrumental3:17
  • 016Get It MovingMale vocal3:40
  • 017Get It MovingInstrumental3:40
  • 018StormMale vocal2:36
  • 019StormInstrumental2:36
  • 020Love It Like That60 Seconds Edit, Male & female vocal1:00
  • 021Love It Like That60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 022Beacon Hill60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal, retro1:00
  • 023Beacon Hill60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro1:00
  • 024Beacon Hill60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro, no sax1:00
  • 025Boogie Chills60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal, retro1:00
  • 026Boogie Chills60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro1:00
  • 027The Beat In My Heart60 Seconds Edit, Female vocal1:00
  • 028The Beat In My Heart60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 029Yes You Can60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 030Yes You Can60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 031Hey People60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 032Hey People60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 033I'm The One60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 034I'm The One60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 035Get It Moving60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 036Get It Moving60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 037Storm60 Seconds Edit, Male vocal1:00
  • 038Storm60 Seconds Edit, Instrumental1:00
  • 039Love It Like That30 Seconds Edit, Male & female vocal0:30
  • 040Love It Like That30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 041Beacon Hill30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal, retro0:30
  • 042Beacon Hill30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro0:30
  • 043Beacon Hill30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro, no sax0:30
  • 044Boogie Chills30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal, retro0:30
  • 045Boogie Chills30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental, retro0:30
  • 046The Beat In My Heart30 Seconds Edit, Female vocal0:30
  • 047The Beat In My Heart30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 048Yes You Can30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 049Yes You Can30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 050Hey People30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 051Hey People30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 052I'm The One30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 053I'm The One30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 054Get It Moving30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 055Get It Moving30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30
  • 056Storm30 Seconds Edit, Male vocal0:30
  • 057Storm30 Seconds Edit, Instrumental0:30




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