Get Funky Vol 2

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Get Funky Vol 2 AAM562

Modern and old school funky grooves

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM562

  • 001Funk StyleFull Mix2:21
  • 002Funk StyleMusic Bed2:21
  • 003Funk StyleMinimal2:21
  • 004Funk StyleBass & Drums Only2:21
  • 005Going All InFull Mix2:17
  • 006Going All InNo Lead Gtr2:17
  • 007Going All InBass & Drums Only2:17
  • 008Get Up And RunFull Mix2:48
  • 009Get Up And RunNo Vocals2:49
  • 010Get Up And RunNo Melody2:48
  • 011Get Up And RunNo Drums2:48
  • 012Get Up And RunBass & Drums Only2:48
  • 013Give Me One MoreFull Mix2:13
  • 014Give Me One MoreNo Leads2:13
  • 015Give Me One MoreMusic Bed2:13
  • 016Road StylerFull Mix1:36
  • 017Road StylerMusic Bed1:37
  • 018Road StylerMinimal1:30
  • 019Road StylerBass & Drums Only1:26
  • 020Decision MakerFull Mix2:47
  • 021Decision MakerNo Drums2:47
  • 022Decision MakerBass & Drums Only2:44
  • 023Funk WarriorFull Mix1:39
  • 024Funk WarriorMusic Bed1:39
  • 025Funk WarriorNo Drums1:38
  • 026Funk WarriorBass & Drums Only1:38
  • 027All Funked UpFull Mix2:13
  • 028All Funked UpNo Drums2:13
  • 029All Funked UpBass & Drums Only2:13
  • 030Rock The FunkFull Mix1:18
  • 031Rock The FunkNo Horns1:18
  • 032Rock The FunkNo Guitar1:18
  • 033Rock The FunkNo Gtr Or Snare1:18
  • 034Rock The FunkNo FX Perc1:18
  • 035Rock The FunkMusic Bed1:18
  • 036HoldoutFull Mix2:02
  • 037HoldoutMusic Bed2:02
  • 038HoldoutMinimal2:00
  • 039HoldoutBass & Drums Only1:53




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