In The Shadows Vol. 2

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In The Shadows Vol. 2 AAM560

Enter the dark side again with this Volume 2 collection of dramatic tension, mystery and investigation cues

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM560

  • 001No ConsolationFull Mix1:32
  • 002No ConsolationMusic Bed1:29
  • 003No ConsolationNo Drums1:29
  • 004No ConsolationBass & Drums Only1:29
  • 005Blue GoldFull Mix2:05
  • 006Blue GoldNo Melody2:05
  • 007Blue GoldBass & Drums Only2:05
  • 008Blue Gold:60, Full Mix1:03
  • 009Blue Gold:30, Full Mix0:32
  • 010Closed DoorsFull Mix2:05
  • 011Closed DoorsNo Melody2:05
  • 012Closed DoorsBass & Drums Only1:23
  • 013Closed Doors:60, Full Mix1:02
  • 014Closed Doors:30, Full Mix0:30
  • 015Below ZeroFull Mix2:09
  • 016Below ZeroNo Melody2:09
  • 017Below ZeroBass & Drums Only1:41
  • 018Below Zero:60, Full Mix1:01
  • 019Below Zero:30, Full Mix0:33
  • 020MotionalFull Mix2:32
  • 021MotionalSynth Only2:29
  • 022MotionalNo Synth, Bass or Drums2:29
  • 023MotionalDrums Only2:17
  • 024Stolen ThoughtsFull Mix- Unresolved End2:09
  • 025Stolen ThoughtsFull Mix - Resolved End2:11
  • 026Stolen ThoughtsNo Melody2:11
  • 027Stolen ThoughtsPads Only2:11
  • 028Stolen ThoughtsBass & Perc Only1:46
  • 029Stolen Thoughts:60, Full Mix1:02
  • 030Stolen Thoughts:30, Full Mix0:31
  • 031Target FoundFull Mix1:22
  • 032Target FoundMusic Bed1:23
  • 033Target FoundNo Bass or Drums1:23
  • 034Target FoundBass & Drums Only1:21
  • 035Target FoundDrums Only1:20
  • 036No Strength LeftFull Mix2:03
  • 037No Strength LeftNo Melody2:03
  • 038No Strength LeftPads Only2:03
  • 039No Strength LeftMusic Bed1:56
  • 040No Strength Left:60, Full Mix1:01
  • 041No Strength Left:30, Full Mix0:32
  • 042Command CenterFull Mix1:24
  • 043Command CenterMusic Bed1:24
  • 044Command CenterNo Perc Loop1:24
  • 045Command CenterNo Drums1:24
  • 046ApparitionsFull Mix2:05
  • 047ApparitionsMusic Bed2:05
  • 048Apparitions:60, Full Mix1:00
  • 049Apparitions:30, Full Mix0:30




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