Rock & Pop

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Rock & Pop AAM558

Rock on with this collection of pop and rock tracks

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM558

  • 001Big RevealFull Mix2:29
  • 002Big RevealNo Intro2:14
  • 003Big RevealNo Melody2:28
  • 004Big RevealNo Brass2:29
  • 005Big RevealNo Drums2:27
  • 006Big RevealBass & Drums Only2:28
  • 007Be YourselfFull Mix2:05
  • 008Be YourselfNo Harmonica1:55
  • 009Be YourselfNo Melody2:05
  • 010Be YourselfNo Drums, No Harmonica2:05
  • 011Be YourselfBass & Drums Only2:05
  • 012Rock The BonesFull Mix2:31
  • 013Rock The BonesNo Synth2:31
  • 014Rock The BonesNo Melody2:31
  • 015Rock The BonesNo Drums2:31
  • 016Rock The BonesBass & Drums Only2:31
  • 017Circuit BreakerFull Mix1:42
  • 018Circuit BreakerFull - Alt Intro1:32
  • 019Circuit BreakerNo Melody1:42
  • 020Circuit BreakerNo Drums1:42
  • 021Circuit BreakerBass & Drums Only1:42
  • 022Under My SkinFull Mix1:52
  • 023Under My SkinNo Lead1:50
  • 024Under My SkinBass & Drums Only1:49
  • 025Page TurnerFull Mix2:00
  • 026Page TurnerNo Lead1:54
  • 027Page TurnerBass & Drums Only1:55
  • 028Good For EveryoneFull Mix2:43
  • 029Good For EveryoneNo Melody2:43
  • 030Good For EveryoneNo Drums2:43
  • 031Good For EveryoneBass & Drums Only2:43
  • 032SpellcasterFull Mix2:33
  • 033SpellcasterNo Drums2:33
  • 034SpellcasterDrums Only2:17




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