Positive Thoughts

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Positive Thoughts AAM557

Uplifting & positive pop, electronic and orchestral tracks to inspire and motivate

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM557

  • 001Natural BuzzFull Mix1:59
  • 002Natural BuzzNo Melody1:59
  • 003Natural BuzzNo Drums1:59
  • 004Natural BuzzBass & Drums Only1:48
  • 005Hello ThereFull Mix2:30
  • 006Hello ThereNo Acoustic Guitar2:30
  • 007Hello ThereNo Arpeggios2:30
  • 008Hello ThereNo Guitar2:30
  • 009Hello ThereNo Acoustic Guitar Or Drums2:30
  • 010Hello ThereNo Drums2:30
  • 011Set You FreeFull Mix2:26
  • 012Set You FreeNo Piano2:26
  • 013Set You FreeNo Harmonics2:26
  • 014Set You FreeNo Drums2:26
  • 015Set You FreeBass & Drums Only2:26
  • 016Go The DistanceFull Mix1:56
  • 017Go The DistanceNo Melody1:56
  • 018Go The DistanceNo Drums1:56
  • 019Go The DistanceBass & Drums Only1:56
  • 020Discovering LoveFull Mix1:21
  • 021Discovering LoveNo Piano Or Flute1:21
  • 022Discovering LoveNo Strings Or Flute1:21
  • 023Discovering LoveNo Pizz1:21
  • 024Day In The LifeFull Mix1:30
  • 025Day In The LifeNo Synth1:30
  • 026Day In The LifeNo Kalimba1:30
  • 027Day In The LifeNo Piano Or Guitar1:30
  • 028Day In The LifeAfrican Mix1:30
  • 029Find My WayFull Mix1:51
  • 030Find My WayNo Melody1:51
  • 031Find My WayNo Piano1:51
  • 032Find My WayMusic Bed1:51
  • 033Find My WayBass & Drums Only1:49
  • 034Heart & MindFull Mix2:24
  • 035Heart & MindNo Piano Melody2:24
  • 036Heart & MindNo Drums2:24
  • 037Heart & MindBass & Drums Only1:28
  • 038Heart & MindSting0:12
  • 039Hit The RoadFull Mix2:00
  • 040Hit The RoadMusic Bed1:58
  • 041Hit The RoadBass & Drums Only1:45
  • 042Free WillFull Mix2:35
  • 043Free WillNo Piano Melody2:35
  • 044Free WillNo Banjo2:35
  • 045Free WillNo Strings2:35
  • 046Free WillNo Drums2:35




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