Dance Moves

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Dance Moves AAM556

Modern dance/ EDM tracks in a variety of styles

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM556

  • 001BitcoinerFull Mix1:41
  • 002BitcoinerNo High Synth1:41
  • 003BitcoinerMusic Bed1:41
  • 004Tables TurnedFull Mix2:26
  • 005Tables TurnedFull - Short Edit Mix1:50
  • 006Tables TurnedNo Melody2:26
  • 007Tables TurnedNo Drums2:25
  • 008Tables TurnedBass & Drums Only2:23
  • 009Long FarewellFull Mix2:36
  • 010Long FarewellNo Melody2:36
  • 011Long FarewellNo Drums2:36
  • 012Long FarewellBass & Drums Only2:36
  • 013Down LowFull Mix3:08
  • 014Down LowMusic Bed3:07
  • 015Down LowVocal, Bass & Drums Only3:04
  • 016Down LowBass & Drums Only3:02
  • 017Own ItFull Mix3:20
  • 018Own ItNo Melody3:20
  • 019Own ItNo Drums3:20
  • 020Own ItBass & Drums Only3:20
  • 021Defining YouFull Mix3:22
  • 022Defining YouNo Melody3:22
  • 023Defining YouNo Drums3:24
  • 024Defining YouBass & Drums Only3:19
  • 025Personal DemonsFull Mix1:55
  • 026Personal DemonsNo Vocal1:55
  • 027Personal DemonsNo Melody1:55
  • 028Personal DemonsMusic Bed1:55
  • 029EnvoyerFull Mix4:25
  • 030EnvoyerNo Vocal4:24
  • 031EnvoyerNo Drums4:26
  • 032EnvoyerBass & Drums Only4:01
  • 033Don't Slow DownFull Mix2:20
  • 034Don't Slow DownNo Vocal2:20
  • 035Don't Slow DownNo Drums2:16
  • 036Don't Slow DownBass & Drums Only2:17




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