Get Funky

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Get Funky AAM555

Get your groove on with this collection of fun funky tracks

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM555

  • 001Checkered FlagFull Mix1:53
  • 002Checkered FlagNo Melody1:53
  • 003Checkered FlagMusic Bed1:53
  • 004Checkered FlagDrums Only1:49
  • 005Day TripperFull Mix2:31
  • 006Day TripperNo Claps2:31
  • 007Day TripperMinimal Mix2:31
  • 008Day TripperMusic Bed2:31
  • 009Day TripperBass & Drums Only2:15
  • 010Binge WatcherFull Mix1:54
  • 011Binge WatcherNo Horns1:53
  • 012Binge WatcherMinimal Mix1:53
  • 013Binge WatcherMusic Bed1:54
  • 014Binge WatcherBass & Drums Only1:54
  • 015ExperimentistaFull Mix3:04
  • 016ExperimentistaNo Guitar3:05
  • 017ExperimentistaNo Organ3:05
  • 018ExperimentistaBass & Drums Only2:56
  • 019Last HoldoutFull Mix3:02
  • 020Last HoldoutNo Melody3:02
  • 021Last HoldoutBass & Drums Only3:02
  • 022Funk For DaysFull Mix1:45
  • 023Funk For DaysNo Flute1:45
  • 024Funk For DaysNo Horns Or Flute1:45
  • 025Funk For DaysMinimal Mix1:44
  • 026Funk For DaysMusic Bed1:44
  • 027Funk For DaysBass & Drums Only1:44
  • 028Little GiantsFull Mix2:39
  • 029Little GiantsNo Vocals2:39
  • 030Little GiantsMinimal Mix2:39
  • 031Little GiantsMusic Bed2:39
  • 032Little GiantsBass & Drums Only2:32
  • 033Give And TakeFull Mix2:48
  • 034Give And TakeNo Melody2:48
  • 035Give And TakeNo Drums2:48
  • 036Give And TakeBass & Drums Only2:40
  • 037Funk In Da HoodFull Mix1:46
  • 038Funk In Da HoodMusic Bed1:43
  • 039Funk In Da HoodNo Drums1:46




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