Positive Motivation Vol. 2

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Positive Motivation Vol. 2 AAM554

Uplifting & positive tracks to inspire and motivate, in various styles.

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM554

  • 001Life Worth LivingFull Mix2:37
  • 002Life Worth LivingNo Vocal2:37
  • 003Life Worth LivingMusic Bed2:37
  • 004Life Worth LivingNo Vocals, No Drums2:37
  • 005Life Worth LivingNo Drums2:37
  • 006Life Worth LivingPulses Only With Bass2:37
  • 007Life Worth LivingPulses Only, No Bass2:37
  • 008Life Worth LivingBass & Drums Only2:37
  • 009Owning The WorldFull Mix2:29
  • 010Owning The WorldNo Melody2:29
  • 011Owning The WorldNo Drums2:30
  • 012Owning The WorldDrums Only2:29
  • 013Happy PopFull Mix1:29
  • 014Happy PopNo Melody1:29
  • 015Happy PopLite Mix11:29
  • 016Happy PopLiteMix21:29
  • 017Happy PopLiteMix31:29
  • 018Happy PopBass & Drums Only1:29
  • 019Saving LivesFull Mix2:50
  • 020Saving LivesNo Melody2:50
  • 021Saving LivesNo Drums2:50
  • 022Saving LivesBass & Drums Only2:41
  • 023Summer In The CityFull Mix1:22
  • 024Summer In The CityNo Piano Or Strings1:23
  • 025Summer In The CityNo Strings1:23
  • 026Summer In The CityNo Bass Or Drums1:22
  • 027Special SomethingFull Mix2:34
  • 028Special SomethingNo Melody2:34
  • 029Special SomethingNo Drums2:34
  • 030Special SomethingBass & Drums Only2:34
  • 031One To RememberFull Mix2:28
  • 032One To RememberNo Melody2:28
  • 033One To RememberNo Drums2:28
  • 034One To RememberBass & Drums Only2:28
  • 035Fancy FreeFull Mix2:18
  • 036Fancy FreeNo Whistling2:18
  • 037Fancy FreeNo Melody2:18
  • 038Fancy FreeNo Muted Guitar2:18
  • 039Fancy FreeNo Drums2:18
  • 040Kinetic EnergyFull Mix - Instrumental1:33
  • 041Kinetic EnergyFull Mix - Vocal1:32
  • 042Kinetic EnergyNo Bell Melody1:33
  • 043Kinetic EnergyPulses Only1:32
  • 044Kinetic EnergyNo Drums1:32
  • 045Best LifeFull Mix1:48
  • 046Best LifeNo Piano Melody1:43
  • 047Best LifeNo Drums1:48
  • 048Best LifeBass & Drums Only1:38
  • 049Untapped PossibilitiesFull Mix2:02
  • 050Untapped PossibilitiesNo Arpeggios2:02
  • 051Untapped PossibilitiesNo Drums2:02
  • 052Untapped PossibilitiesBass & Drums Only2:01
  • 053Traveling TogetherFull Mix2:23
  • 054Traveling TogetherNo Melody2:21
  • 055Traveling TogetherNo Bass Or Drums2:22
  • 056Traveling TogetherBass & Drums Only2:17




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