Upbeat Fun

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Upbeat Fun AAM549

Fun upbeat tracks in a variety of styles

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM549

  • 001Velvet RopesFull Mix2:17
  • 002Velvet RopesNo Wah Brass2:17
  • 003Velvet RopesMusic Bed2:17
  • 004Dance Hall ManFull Mix1:27
  • 005Dance Hall ManMusic Bed1:27
  • 006Fun Times AheadFull Mix2:12
  • 007Fun Times AheadNo Vocals2:12
  • 008Fun Times AheadNo Guitar Leads2:12
  • 009Fun Times AheadInstrumental Bed2:13
  • 010Fun Times AheadNo Drums2:13
  • 011Little QuestionsFull Mix1:48
  • 012Little QuestionsNo Melody1:48
  • 013Little QuestionsNo Bass Or Drums1:48
  • 014Little QuestionsBass & Drums Only1:40
  • 015Best Friends ForeverFull Mix1:32
  • 016Best Friends ForeverNo Bells1:32
  • 017Best Friends ForeverNo Bass Or Drums1:32
  • 018Best Friends ForeverBass & Drums Only1:25
  • 019Talk It OutFull Mix2:06
  • 020Talk It OutNo Drums2:06
  • 021Talk It OutBass & Drums Only2:06
  • 022CrossroadsFull Mix2:04
  • 023CrossroadsMusic Bed2:04
  • 024Sweet EscapeFull Mix2:03
  • 025Sweet EscapeNo Melody2:01
  • 026Sweet EscapeNo Drums2:02
  • 027Sweet EscapeBass & Drums Only2:00
  • 028FunshineFull Mix2:17
  • 029FunshineNo Melody2:17
  • 030FunshineNo Bass Or Drums2:14
  • 031FunshineBass & Drums Only2:17
  • 032Merrily We GoFull Mix1:25
  • 033Merrily We GoNo Wah1:24
  • 034Merrily We GoMusic Bed1:24
  • 035Merrily We GoBass & Drums Only1:24
  • 036My Place In The WorldFull Mix2:30
  • 037My Place In The WorldNo Melody2:31
  • 038My Place In The WorldNo Drums2:30
  • 039My Place In The WorldBass & Drums Only2:25
  • 040Cause And EffectFull Mix1:15
  • 041Cause And EffectNo Horns1:14
  • 042Cause And EffectNo Drums1:14
  • 043One Yard LineFull Mix1:59
  • 044One Yard LineNo Melody1:59
  • 045One Yard LineNo Drums1:59
  • 046One Yard LineBass & Drums Only1:59
  • 047One Yard LineSting0:09
  • 048Opposites AttractFull Mix1:54
  • 049Opposites AttractNo Horns1:46
  • 050Opposites AttractNo Drums1:54
  • 051Opposites AttractBass & Drums Only1:46
  • 052Reggae NationFull Mix3:00
  • 053Reggae NationMusic Bed3:01
  • 054Rhythm BanditFull Mix1:50
  • 055Rhythm BanditMusic Bed1:50
  • 056Rhythm BanditSparse Mix1:50
  • 057Rhythm BanditNo Drums1:50
  • 058Rhythm BanditBass & Drums Only1:50
  • 059Soak Up The FunFull Mix1:20
  • 060Soak Up The FunNo Melody1:20
  • 061Soak Up The FunNo Drums1:20
  • 062Soak Up The FunBass & Drums Only1:13
  • 063Spice Of LifeFull Mix2:17
  • 064Spice Of LifeGuitar Mix2:17
  • 065Spice Of LifeMallet Mix2:17
  • 066Spice Of LifeOrgan Mix2:18
  • 067Spice Of LifeStrings Mix2:17
  • 068Spice Of LifeNo Guitar Or Strings2:15
  • 069Spice Of LifeDrums And Mallets Only2:15
  • 070Spice Of LifeBass & Drums Only2:15
  • 071Spice Of LifeDrums Only2:15
  • 072Strong FoundationFull Mix2:40
  • 073Strong FoundationNo Melody2:40
  • 074Strong FoundationNo Drums2:39
  • 075Strong FoundationBass & Drums Only2:27
  • 076Going DowntownFull Mix1:57
  • 077Going DowntownNo Melody1:57
  • 078Going DowntownNo Drums1:56
  • 079Going DowntownBass & Drums Only1:56




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